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Horse at my stables that does this trick to get treats. He just started doing it so of course we encourage him to keep doing his cuteness act.

Four Beat Farms has had a surprise at our farm. Our Pet Miniature Girl Prissy Pants that we had bought early Spring had a baby Sunday June 7th, 2009. Here ar…
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  1. BubblyGumm Says:

    I believe he was a Quarter horse. Your english is good btw:)

  2. TheaogKera LOVE Says:

    Awww♥ So adorable :D What breed is the horse? If that was correct english ;P

  3. carlitabeetle . Says:

    thts a beautiful horse!!!!

  4. Taylor West Says:

    i wish my horse would do that (:

  5. sophiagstudios Says:

    “Are you sure?”
    “Yeeeeees I’m sure!”

  6. madison sigl Says:

    :)  <3333333

  7. madison sigl Says:

    so cute

  8. JustJump122 Says:

    He just stands there with the door wide open…brilliant horse.

  9. Pinguino Salterino Says:

    awesome horse <3

  10. Allison-Faith Groenendijk Says:

    Aawh, that’s so sweet! 

  11. ShowJumper123Jess Says:

    aaww <3

  12. alexys castillo Says:


  13. BarreStar Says:

    cute face

  14. hanneleeulalia Says:


  15. autumn bieber Says:


  16. iluvnaz Says:

    lOl x with my horse you look him in the eye and go “do you want this? do you ” and he nods his head :D

  17. Stefani14798 Says:

    Naw how cute

  18. sar schroe Says:

    Sorry, wrong person.

  19. bellabelliboo Says:

    that really is sooo cute!! and that horse has got beautiful markings on his/her face.

  20. ollieluvr Says:

    omg! i love heather! shes like the best horse person ever! shes leaving during summers tho *sigh*

  21. Rachel Mausser Says:

    GUESS WHAT!! Elmer AND Trigger are going back to their owner’s……!!!! they have health issues that Margerat doesn’t want to deal with…… :’(

  22. Rachel Mausser Says:


  23. sar schroe Says:

    i wonder if heather got our message …?
    lol we should call her!

  24. sar schroe Says:

    omg omg omg buzzy boy!!!

  25. horses4life4ever29 Says:

    buzzy i miss every one there

  26. Reesa Belle Says:

    Awww, just gorgeous!!

  27. MoeJae86 Says:

    1:11 Poor human didn’t stand a chance against that assault of cuteness.

  28. ThunderDragonHowl Says:

    If anyone noticed that it’s tail was wagging like dog so happy ^^

  29. willow johnson Says:

    thats stormy ..my old baby :C the mare:C ohhhhh im crying D:

  30. amberishere1 Says:

    Its such a…. CUTIEEEEEEE

  31. cprtn Says:

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He promised that He will return. Seek JESUS CHRIST while He may be found.

  32. montanasun Says:

    I will give averything I have to have that life.

  33. Casey Hitchcock Says:

    Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!<3

  34. miya madden Says:

    Soloooooooooooo cute

  35. Florence bm Says:

    6 people are blind to cuteness

  36. IhascupquakeLover Says:

    So cute!!!!

  37. dtiydr Says:

    Not everyday you could pic a up horse foal with only one hand..

  38. Joan Dirtuptomyelbows Says:

    Love this precious vid! What a cutie. (greetings from a former Knoxville’er)

  39. Grace Kenny Says:

    so sweet!! that is the most adorable video!!!

  40. hgirls791 Says:

    Who who ever does not like this is just jealous

  41. Allinonestudio5 Says:

    Who would vote this down?

  42. Sydney fagan Says:

    soooo cute

  43. Patricio Bridges Says:

    I never saw such an affectionate horse before it was almost like it was part dog. Lovely.

  44. valentine lachatre Says:

    trop mignon ♥

  45. tom taaffe Says:

    Can you look at our foal playing football on my channel. PLEASE.

  46. sofieluvsme1 Says:

    Awwwwwww so cute

  47. Priya Reddy Says:


  48. Gabriel Escudero Says:


  49. Judy Ehrle Says:

    lovey dovey

  50. wilfredx poper Says:

    I dont know what i can say, its TO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEE!awwwww

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